Saturday, February 12, 2011

Catching up's been a loooooonnnggg time since we updated.

Here's a look at some pics from my cell phone from the last few months - food related, of course. Ha!

In July, we had a scrapbooking party/NOLA reunion at Christa's house. I brought bruschetta.
I ate while everyone else scrapbooked, and this was my plate. Everything was deliciousness.In August, we celebrated Betsy's birthday at the Catfish Plantation in Waxahachie.
We celebrated a little early in October, and I ordered my mom's birthday cake from Society Bakery - one of the PD's faves!
In November, I found this at Super Target, and it was really good! I bought it especially for a certain little 5 year old who came with his Daddy for a quick visit.
And I was so jealous of those cool PJs.
Honeycrisp apples - one of the best things about fall!
My plate from the annual Thanksgiving snack day at my job. Eating is part of being Baptist - it's in the bylaws.
I was asked to bring something pumpkin to Thanksgiving, so I made pumpkin roll. And then when my adopted cousin wasn't able to join us, I had to send some to her or else my cousin, her roommate, wouldn't have a ride home.
Absolute love in a cute little dish. Too bad they didn't pay their bills or their employees. So sad.
Chuy's and Elvis in the holiday spirit.
My new favorite burger place - I spotted this about a block from work, and was ecstatic! Waiting for them to open was torture.
Last week, we had a couple of snow days where travel was treacherous and should only have been done when absolutely necessary. Well, clearly, this was necessary.

Hope you've had some exciting food moments over the last few months!

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